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The Full Story


I started in the healing field in 1997 with Energy and Mind Modalities such as Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP). In 1999, I started my journey with plant medicine and thus a deep dive into the healing of my own trauma. I was able to work with Medicine Men from North and South America and became an Inipi Lodge keeper for over 10 years. While continuing to explore my heritage and the generational trauma that came with  it, I continued to learn alternate healing practices to help myself heal.  I have taken what I learned and was able to merge what worked for me in able to help others.

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Personal Mission

My personal Mission Is to offer Soul Centered healing where we meet eye to eye,

heart to heart, & soul to soul.  

I seek to help others Integrate their life experiences, whether traumatic, a life passage, or multiple events that may have happened. I hold space for people to dive deep & help them to understand, process, & integrate their Medicine & Life Journeys,

I aim To create a Sacred container for all those who are seeking for deeper meaning and healing of their minds, Hearts, & Souls. For as we heal ourselves, we help to heal the world.


My vision is to create a world renowned Holistic, Integrative, Psychedelic Wellness, Healing, Research & Retreat Center that merges Science & Spirituality by incorporating Indigenous Wisdom, & Break though Healing Technologies such as Plant Medicines, Light, Sound, Frequency, & Vibrational Healing. This includes coming back to basics of  knowing and growing our own Real Whole Foods by cultivating a relationship with Mother Earth..

I hope you will join me on this Journey to recreate a new world. 

If you would like to help us make this vision come true Donate Today.

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